Terms of Sales

This document (General Conditions of Sale) defines the conditions applicable to sales concluded between on the one hand persons of the “Individual” type making a purchase via the website of karaib3d.com, hereinafter referred to as “the Customer” and 'on the other hand the company KARAIB 3D SARL, hereinafter referred to as “KARAIB 3D”, Professionals are required to contact customer service and do not benefit from all the conditions applicable to individuals, in particular Article 6.

These general conditions of sale apply to all orders from Individuals placed on the website or sale in store of the company KARAIB 3D.
Any order placed on the www.karaib3d.com site or in a store requires knowledge of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale as well as the Customer's agreement to all of their content.
KARAIB 3D reserves the right to adapt or in this case at any time to modify these general conditions of sale. When taking an order, only the General Conditions of sale in force at the time of the order will be applicable.
Note: Financial leasing is a service reserved for professionals and subject to acceptance of the general conditions specific to the financing organization.

2.1 Orders can be placed on the site www.karaib3d.com or in stores.
2.2 French and English are the languages offered for the conclusion of the sales contract.
2.3 The characteristics of the products are indicated on each product page. The photographs as well as the descriptive elements of the products, do not enter the contractual field, if these elements contain errors, in no case the responsibility of KARAIB 3D can not be engaged. Manufacturers may change without notice the technical characteristics of products referenced by KARAIB 3D may at any time update and modify its product characteristics as well as withdraw its products from sale.
2.4 In case of unavailability of a product, KARAIB 3D will contact the Customer as soon as possible. The latter will then be informed of the deadlines for making the product available. If the Customer does not wish to wait for this provision or if the product is definitively unavailable and in the event that the order has been paid, KARAIB 3D undertakes to reimburse the Customer within 30 days of the date of payment by the Customer.
2.5 Any order placed on www.karaib3d.com does not necessarily require the creation of a Customer Account. Access to the Customer Account is via the username and password indicated when creating the Customer Account. KARAIB 3D cannot be held responsible for any action carried out via or on your Customer Account by a third party to which you have communicated your identifiers or who has had access to your identifiers or to your Customer Account following a fault or negligence caused to you. attributable.
2.6 The checkbox on reading and accepting the General Conditions of Sale and clicking on the “ORDER” button, validate the order. These actions are equivalent to an “electronic signature” and a handwritten signature. They constitute an irrevocable and unreserved acceptance of the order as well as of the General Conditions of Sale by the Customer. The data recorded by the website www.karaib3d.com on the Internet constitute proof of all transactions between KARAIB 3D and its Customers.
2.7 The Customer order number is given for information only and in no way corresponds to the invoice number. The invoice is communicated to the customer by email. The Customer is strongly advised to keep this invoice.
2.8 The order placed on www.karaib3d.com may be automatically canceled if payment is not received. This cancellation period is extended to 5 days in the event of payment by bank transfer. KARAIB 3D reserves the right not to validate your order for any legitimate reason, in particular in the event that it does not comply with these General Terms and Conditions of Sale or in the case where several serious and concordant elements cause an suspicion of fraud on your order.
2.9 The Customer may cancel his order as long as it is not transmitted to the logistics services, the transmission to the logistics services corresponds to the sending of the email specifying that the order has been dispatched. When the order is prepared, the cancellation can only be made by refusal by the Customer when presenting the package. Concerning professionals, no unilateral order cancellation of their shares will be accepted without the prior agreement of KARAIB 3D.
2.10 The information communicated by the Customer when placing the order (in particular name and delivery address) binds the latter. Thus, the responsibility of KARAIB 3D cannot in any way be engaged in the event that an error during the placing of the order would cause a delay or an impediment of the delivery.
2.11 The Customer has the possibility of ordering a product not yet available for delivery, this is indicated on the product sheet as a “pre-order” product. The Customer then pays the sale price and will be delivered from the date indicated on the product sheet. The product is reserved in the name of the Customer during the waiting time for delivery.
2.12 The rental contract is subject to acceptance by our financial partner. Any refusal results in its cancellation and cannot engage the responsibility of KARAIB 3D.
2.13 For any order subject to financing, it is imperative that the customer contact the KARAIB 3D sales department in order to receive a personalized proposal.
2.14 The company KARAIB 3D undertakes not to store bank card data on the website.

3.1 All the prices of the products and services offered for sale on the site www.karaib3d.com are expressed in euros excluding taxes and excluding participation in shipping costs. They are likely to vary in the event of a change in the VAT rate.
3.2 KARAIB 3D reserves the right to modify its prices at any time but undertakes to apply the prices in force when the order is placed, subject to the availability of the products on that date.
3.3 The products ordered remain the property of KARAIB 3D until full payment has been received. However, from the receipt of the order by the Customer or his representative, the risks of the goods delivered are transferred to the customer.
3.4 The amount of delivery costs is calculated automatically according to each order, it appears on the summary of your order, before its final registration.

4.1 Delivery is made either by direct delivery to the Customer in the store or by delivery to the address indicated on the order.
4.2 In the case of provision of the order to the Customer by our carriers, if the order is not claimed by the Customer, it will be returned to KARAIB 3D, the costs of returns being borne by the customer. This return causes the cancellation of the contract and the reimbursement of the sums paid by the Customer minus the return costs.
4.3 KARAIB 3D disclaims all liability in the event of late delivery in two main cases: the delay is linked to a case of force majeure (L114-1 Consumer Code; art 15 LCEN), the delay is attributable to the buyer (art 15 LCEN).
4.4 KARAIB 3D reserves the right to choose the carrier.

5.1 The Customer is required to check the conformity of the goods delivered before signing any delivery document. If an anomaly is noted, the Customer must indicate his reservations, followed by his signature, directly on the delivery document. In the event of a serious anomaly (damaged, open packaging, missing or damaged products), the Customer must refuse the package and specify on the delivery document the reasons for refusing to accept the package. This verification is considered to have been carried out from the moment the Customer, or any person authorized to receive the package on his behalf, has signed the delivery document. The Customer must also confirm the reservations to KARAIB 3D, via registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, within 3 working days of receiving the order. Any complaint made after this time cannot be accepted.
5.2 KARAIB 3D undertakes to reimburse or exchange products that do not comply with the Customer's order. The Customer must then send his request in writing via the contact form on the site www.karaib3d.com or by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to KARAIB 3D within 15 days of the delivery date. This complaint relating to the non-conformity of a product in relation to its order must be accompanied by the Customer's choice between reimbursement or exchange. Any complaint made after this deadline cannot be accepted. Any request for exchange by the Customer must comply with the procedure defined in article 6.
5.3 In the cases referred to in this article 5, the return of products will only be accepted for products returned complete, in their original condition (original packaging, instructions, accessories). In these same cases, the return costs will be reimbursed by KARAIB 3D.
5.4 In accordance with the provisions in force, KARAIB 3D will not accept the return of consumables when they have been unsealed by the Customer. Consumables correspond to Filaments, Resin, Cleaning / Smoothing Products as well as Spare Parts of Wear * sold by KARAIB 3D.
The user is solely responsible for the installation and use of the Spare Parts of Wear *, once unpacked the part will not be taken back or exchanged, regardless of its duration of use. or life.
Spare Parts of Wear *: Screens, Nozzles, Heating Cartridges, Probes, Extrusion Heads, Films, Trays, Tray, Light Sources, Extrusion PCB, Extrusion Fans, Extrusion Sheet etc…
The Customer is responsible for the installation and use of spare parts, under its conditions no warranty can be applicable.

6.1 In accordance with article L.121-20 et seq. Of the Consumer Code, the consumer has a period of 14 working days from the date of delivery of his order, to return any item that does not suit him and to request exchange or refund without penalty (under conditions), with the exception of return costs.
The product must be returned in perfect condition, in its original, undamaged packaging. It must be accompanied by all its accessories (instructions, cords, remote controls, guarantees, etc.). Otherwise, you will lose your right of withdrawal and the product will be returned to you at your expense.
6.2 In order to optimize the conditions for the return of the product (s), it is imperative that the return be approved in advance by our Customer Service who will send a return agreement to the Customer. Approval may be refused in the event of non-compliance with the terms of the “14 days satisfied or refunded” service. The return can only be accepted if the product is in perfect condition, that is to say in its original packaging, undamaged, without signs of wear and accompanied by all its accessories. Items returned by the Customer and being incomplete, damaged and / or containing traces of wear and / or poor condition will be refused. If the product meets the above conditions, KARAIB 3D may apply an unbounded discount depending on the condition of the machine, the components and accessories sold with it, and the packaging following the customer's use. The customer is responsible for the return costs. Shipping costs on dispatch are not eligible for reimbursement. Common law, the goods travel at the risk and peril of the Customer. KARAIB 3D recommends that the Customer take all the necessary insurance to cover these risks as well as all the precautions to protect the product. The reimbursement of the Customer will be made by crediting the bank account within a maximum period of 30 days following the date on which the right of withdrawal was exercised. The Customer has a period of 14 days from the delivery of his order. to return any item that does not suit him within the framework of the “14 days satisfied or refunded” service. In order to set up this return, the Customer must contact KARAIB 3D customer service directly by email at support@karaib3d.com
*Le service SERVICE ’14 JOURS SATISFAIT OU REMBOURSE’ ne s’applique pas aux professionnels et aux articles de la catégorie “SANTÉ”.
6.3 Conformément aux dispositions en vigueur, KARAIB 3D n’acceptera pas le retour des consommables ou pièces détachés lorsqu’ils ont été descellés et/ou installées par le Client. Les consommables correspondent aux filaments et résines 3D ainsi qu’au pièces détaches d’imprimantes vendus sur www.karaib3d.com

7.1 Orders are payable in cash on the day of the order for payments by credit card (CB, Mastercard, VISA, AMEX) or Paypal. The entry of banking information is done on a secure server to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the information provided during the banking transaction.
7.3 Payment by bank transfer is available and must be made a maximum of 5 days after validation of the order by the Customer. In case of non-payment after this period. KARAIB 3D reserves the right to cancel the order.
7.3 The order will be considered as accepted and the shipment executed by KARAIB 3D only when the bank payment centers concerned have given their agreement and KARAIB 3D has validated the order with regard to its risk acceptance criteria.
7.4 In order to limit fraud, KARAIB 3D reserves the right to accept the sale to ask the Customer to justify his identity and his domicile. In this case, the order will be processed from the receipt of these documents. KARAIB 3D reserves the right to cancel the order in the absence of receipt of these supporting documents or receipt of supporting documents deemed non-compliant.
7.5 In the context of a financial lease, the validation of the order is conditioned by the acceptance of the file by our financial partner and the payment of rents is made exclusively by SEPA direct debit according to the schedule provided by the financing organization .
7.6 Paiement en plusieurs fois avec Alma
Le paiement en plusieurs fois/différé est disponible via notre partenaire Alma. La sécurisation des paiements est assurée par Alma et ses prestataires. Tous les paiements sont protégés par le 3D Secure.
7.6.1 Montant des achats
P2X : Seuls les achats entre 50 € et 2 000 € sont éligibles au paiement avec Alma.
P3X : Seuls les achats entre 50 € et 2 000 € sont éligibles au paiement avec Alma.
P4X : Seuls les achats entre 50 € et 2 000 € sont éligibles au paiement avec Alma.
7.6.2 Frais
En payant en plusieurs fois avec Alma le Client ne paye pas de frais. Sauf pour les cas suivants :
P2X : 0.71% par transaction
P3X : 1.42% par transaction
P4X : 2.13% par transaction
Alma est gestionnaire de télé-paiement et délivre un certificat électronique qui vaudra preuve du montant et de la date de la transaction conformément aux dispositions des articles 1316 et suivants du code civil.
7.6.3 Résiliation
Toute résiliation des CGV qui lient le Vendeur et le client, entraine la résiliation des CGU entre Alma et le client.

8.1 As soon as a problem occurs with product (s) purchased on the site www.karaib3d.com, the Customer is required to contact KARAIB 3D directly by phone on 0596 77 51 18.
8.2 All the products for sale on the site www.karaib3d.com benefit from the legal guarantee against hidden defects on the products sold and defects in conformity of the goods with the contract under the conditions provided for in articles L.211-1 of the following of the code consumption and crippling vices under the conditions provided for in Articles 1641 to 1649 of the Civil Code.
8.3 The products under warranty are indicated as such on the product sheet.
8.4 Les frais de port ou de déplacement engendrés par un retour en garantie des produits sont à la charge du client. Les frais de renvoi du produit auprès du client sont à la charge de KARAIB 3D ou de ses fournisseurs lors que le produit dans le cas ou l’article a été retourné dans son emballage d’origine (ou dans un emballage permettant sa réexpédition), dans le cas contraire, le client devra récupérer le matériel en main propre.
8.5 Unless otherwise specified on the order form, the financial rental does not give the right to any guarantee on wearing parts which remain the responsibility of the customer. At the end of the rental, the customer agrees to return the equipment to KARAIB 3D at his expense in good working order. Otherwise, any repair costs will remain the responsibility of the customer.

All texts, images, photographs, logos and textual or graphic creations reproduced and integrated on the site www.karaib3d.com are protected in particular by intellectual property and copyright. In accordance with the provisions of the intellectual property code, only use for private use is authorized. Any total or partial reproduction of the www.karaib3d.com site is strictly prohibited.

10.1 The photographs on the product sheets are not contractual. The Customer must ensure the technical characteristics of the products before ordering.
10.2 The responsibility of KARAIB 3D SARL cannot be engaged in the event of a manifest error between the characteristics of the product, its illustration and its conditions of sale.
10.3 The total or partial impossibility of using products due to incompatibility of materials cannot give rise to any compensation whatsoever or reimbursement or questioning of the responsibility of KARAIB 3D.
10.4 Regarding the purchase on a professional basis on the site www.karaib3d.com, it is recalled that KARAIB 3D is released from any responsibility concerning any damage which could occur following the purchase of products for a professional use. KARAIB 3D cannot be held responsible for any operating loss suffered by a professional as a result of the use of the products or a delay in delivery.
10.5 KARAIB 3D also disclaims all responsibility for the use or use which may be made of the products purchased on the site www.karaib3d.com. Thus, KARAIB 3D cannot be held responsible in the event of 3D prints the use of which could be against the law.

For any question, complaint, need for information, the Customer Service is at the disposal of visitors by:
- Email to contact@karaib3d.com
- Phone at 0596 77 51 18
- By mail to the address:
ZAC de Rivière Roche
Building D6, 1st floor
97200 Fort-de-France

KARAIB 3D can provide a technical service (repair, change of parts) at the customer's request and with KARAIB 3D's agreement. A quote will then be provided to the customer. The quote will include the following:
- Expedition and reshipment costs of the material
- Cost of parts to change
- Labor: 92.17 € HT / hour

The information collected when ordering on the site www.karaib3d.com is recorded in a computerized file for the purposes of tracking orders for products, their processing, delivery and the application of legal and commercial guarantees.
They are kept for 5 years and are intended to ensure the application of the warranty conditions as well as the after-sales technical services.
In accordance with the “Informatique et Libertés” law, you can exercise your right of access to data concerning you and have them rectified by contacting our services.
We inform you of the existence of the “Bloctel” telephone canvassing opposition list, on which you can register here: https://conso.bloctel.fr/.

Under Article L. 612-1 of the Consumer Code “Every consumer has the right to have recourse free of charge to a consumer mediator with a view to the amicable termination of the dispute between him and a professional. ”
Disputes falling within the scope of Article L. 612-1 of the Consumer Code are disputes defined in Article L. 611-1 of the Consumer Code, namely disputes of a contractual nature, relating to on the execution of a contract of sale or supply of services, between a consumer and a professional. The text covers national disputes and cross-border disputes.
For any difficulty, we invite you to contact us beforehand or to contact our after-sales service:
ZAC de Rivière Roche
Building D6, 1st floor
97200 Fort-de-France

Phone number: 0596 77 51 18
Email: contact@karaib3d.com
Online sales :
An online dispute resolution platform is available to you: https://www.mediation-vivons-mieux-ensemble.fr/
In the year following your request to our services, in application of article R. 616-1 of the Consumer Code, you can have your request examined by a mediator whose contact details will be found below, knowing that A dispute can only be examined, with some exceptions, by a single mediator: https://www.mediation-vivons-mieux-ensemble.fr/
Cross-border disputes:
European Consumer Center France: European Consumer Center France Indigo number 0 820 200 999 (0.09 EUR / min) By phone: (0049) 7851.991.48.0 By fax: (0049) 7851.991.48.11 By email: info @ cec- zev.eu.eu By post: Bahnhofsplatz 3, 77694 Kehl - GERMANY website: http://www.europe-consommateurs.eu You can, at your expense, be assisted by counsel.

These general conditions of sale will be governed by French law.