Technical applications

Our experts support you in the manufacturing of your technical parts, prototypes and spare parts, whatever your sector of activity.
Innovation solves your problems!


Failure ? A broken part? Is your production stopped?

An urgent request?

New project

A new idea to test? A concept to materialize? A prototype to manufacture?

Improvement of the existing

A tool to improve? A new feature to add to a product? Innovate while limiting costs?

Events and communication

Our 3D specialist designers accompany you to highlight your brand image or your event in a unique and original way, whatever your sector of activity.
Innovation opens the doors to creativity!

Event creations

A personalized gift? Trophies? Customer goodies? An inaugural model?

Marketing supports

A sign ? A logo to promote in a special and original way?

Innovative events

Seduce your employees, customers or the public with a unique and fun 3D demonstration!

Advice and support

Public or private organizations, we offer a wide range of services to help you integrate 3D printing solutions; train your staff there or even give demonstrations.
Do not hesitate any longer and pass the course!


Gain skills by training yourself in computer-assisted printing and / or design!

Support in integration

Pass the course and make digital manufacturing the new ally of your structure!


Call on a qualified referent for all your 3D manufacturing projects!