Be accompanied by our experts for the production of your spare parts.

Do you have a broken part? A breakdown on a machine? Your production tool is stopped and you don't have a quick and efficient solution to relaunch your business?

We have the solution to your problem:

  • Bring us your part or your assembly
  • We will fill in the technical data sheet for your part / assembly and collect the elements
  • We will establish a quote which we will send to you
  • Upon validation of the latter, we start production
  • Once the manufacturing is finished, you are informed by e-mail and SMS of the availability of your part at our agency
  • Remember to bring us your broken parts and, if possible, the ancillary assembly elements!
  • Your parts are stored digitally for a period of 2 months in our secure cloud space after the delivery of your order! Remember to use our digital storage service so as not to lose them!
  • The average manufacturing time is one week. If you have an emergency, we can have a reactivity of 24 to 48 hours (depending on the dimensions of the rooms)!
  • Repair parts are guaranteed for 6 months.
  • Your quote generally contains the costs of scanning and / or modeling your objects and manufacturing:
    • Scanning and modeling are billed by time spent
    • 3D printing is invoiced by the weight of the object and the machine time
    • Digital cutting is billed by surface and machine time
    • Finishes include operator time and quantities of products used

Each project is different and unique! Therefore it is difficult to give a price without going to the computer first to establish a quotation.



Urgent request ?

We guarantee a high reactivity to avoid you a too long production stop.