3D event creations

Be accompanied by our 3D specialist designers to highlight your event in a unique and original way.

Example: Achievement of trophies for the “Pitch OSE!” Competition

Trophies for the “Pitch OSE!”

3D rendering to validate

Printed objects

You have an event very soon and you want to give it a whole new dimension? Do you want to offer a personalized gift, present trophies, or even present an inaugural model?

From your ideas, plans, sketches, we will establish a quote to meet your specifications.
Specify us: the shapes, the size, the colors, the quantities, the desired finishes as well as your deadline.
As soon as the quote is validated, we carry out the modeling and send you a 3D rendering with a proof before production. Once the manufacturing is finished, you are informed by e-mail and SMS of the availability of your order at our agency.

  • Remember to bring us all the elements necessary for the realization of your project! Do not hesitate to make an appointment with us so that we can exchange effectively on the details of your event.
  • Your parts are stored digitally for a period of 2 months in our secure cloud space after the delivery of your order! Remember to use our digital storage service so as not to lose them!
  • Manufacturing times depend on the quantity and degree of finish desired. We will try to give you an estimated time depending on the size of the latter but remember to do it at least. 3 weeks in advance !
  • Your quote generally contains the costs of modeling and manufacturing your objects:
    • Modeling is billed by time spent
    • 3D printing is invoiced by the weight of the object and the machine time
    • Digital cutting is billed by surface and machine time
    • Finishes include operator time and quantities of products used

Each project is different and unique! Therefore it is difficult to give a price without going to the computer first to establish a quotation.

Work with a local business and get extra social media coverage for your events!


An event on the way? Do not waste time !





Our services

Mass production

Don't limit yourself! We can make small, medium or large series of your objects!

Digital storage option

Is your event recurring? Choose our digital storage service to keep your models in our secure cloud space and we will manufacture them on demand.